Segment Routing


BGP Egress Peer Engineering in Segment Routing

This Article explains how BGP Egress peer Engineering in Segment Routing works and how it helps in Egress traffic Engineering in Multi-AS network.

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SR-PCE explained – Solution for SRTE in multi-domain Network

SR-PCE Explained | In this topic, we will discuss SR-PCE and its role in Segment routing specially in traffic engineering (SRTE). SR-PCE (Segment Routing – Path computation Element) is network entity responsible for computation and maintaining paths (traffic engineered paths)…

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BGP-LS explained

BGP-LS Explained | Lets understand the details of BGP-LS which plays a very significant role in SRTE and  SDN . Segment Routing traffic engineering (SRTE) database is very important in SRTE functionality having information about nodes, links, SR policies, prefixes…

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