Segment Routing Use-cases

Segment Routing Use-cases | Here are few use cases can be achieved using Segment Routing technology.

Below are some of the use cases Segment Routing technology offers but not limited to what is mentioned here . There can be many more depending upon the Operator choice,

Figure 1

Segment routing simplifies implementation of many services which requires differential treatment either per customer or per flow of traffic from  same customer.

As given in figure 1 above, Most of the differential services can be implemented using Segment routing traffic engineering (SRTE). Traffic steering can be either per destination prefix based or can per  flow based depending upon the use case.

For example, operator can provide different SLAs to their Enterprise customer for premium VPN services using SR policies and charge premium as compare to other customers . Another example, SD-WAN over SR can provide per flow traffic control , customer can decide which traffic demands high bandwidth and which traffic requires low latency treatment , based on customer differential marking to different traffic flows, operator can steer traffic  on separate path based on  classification at PE node and steer into SR policies or network slices .

Similarly, SR offers 5G services (5G traffic flow) to be steered across different paths using Network slicing ( Flex-algo is the IGP custom algorithm for the calculation of different best path with non-default metric such as latency or TE-metric apart from default metric which is cost).

Figure 2

Segment routing also offers on-demand traffic engineering services (on-demand next-hop) for L3VPN, helps utilizing  network resources efficiently . On demand services can be based on bandwidth requirement as well . Segment Routing Network Slicing can offer Enterprise IOT or Private LTE/5G services which requires dedicated Network resources from operator .

These are  few use cases but not limited to mentioned here and more use cases will evolve with the advancement of segment routing deployment. I hope this article is useful.

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